Our Neighborhood Watch Program

It is essential to maintain safety and security for you and those around you. It is also important to know how our Neighborhood Watch Program interacts with our small community to support cohesive governance and protections.  Olde Oaks is a very small gated community.  Our gates are there to protect the community and stop unauthorized visitors from entering our community.

Olde Oaks Neighborhood Watch Chairman:

Ernest Dunning

JSO Representative:
Zone 6 – Sector Q
Chair: Nancy Burnett
Co-Chair: Jamie Lacy
Meetings: 6 p.m., 4th Tuesday of the month at Oceanway Senior Center, 12215-3 Sago Avenue West, Jacksonville, FL 32218 (New Location Effective May 2019)

Please use the following numbers:

Emergency Call – 911

Non-emergencies JSO – (904) 633-2020